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Hasebe Yu

Name: Hasebe Yu
Japanese name: 長谷部 優,はせべ ゆう
Birthday: 1-17, 1986
Current age: 24
Birthplace: Gifu Prefecture
Occupation: Singer, gravure idol, actress and TV personality.
Blood type: A
Height: 156cm
Bust: 78cm
Waist: 60cm

Hasebe Yu
Yu Hasebe (長谷部優) is one of the original three members of the J-Pop group dream (renamed DRM in 2007). She made her debut as a gravure idol in 2004. She's also starred in a number of Japanese movies and TV dramas. Possibly as an extension of the above, Yu is also the actress of the group, with roles in a growing number of movies and doramas. Her credits include a starring role in the late-night TV Tokyo drama Koi Suru!? Kyaba Jou and the female lead in Karera no Umi VII ~Wish on the Polestar~. Yu is also the only member to appear in dream's drama-styled PV for the song Kono Natsu ga Owaru Mae ni.

Hasebe Yu
Hasebe Yu



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